Leading financial advisors recommended diversification into art as part of a well-rounded investment portfolio.

Finding the right home for amazing art

Fine art can provide a double benefit. Over time arts value can appreciate equal to or better than other financial investments. More importantly with art you get the joy of enjoying your financial investment while having it in your home or office a very real, immediate, and consistent “pleasure dividend”.

The art market is vast and growing with over $1.7 trillion of fine art held privately and over $70 billion in annual sales. In addition to the passionate enjoyment of collecting, financially over the past fifty years contemporary art investments have grown consistently. For individuals and families wishing to diversify their investments, a recent Deloitte study showed that 85% of wealth managers recommended including art in a well-balanced investment portfolio.

Our art advisory services are an essential core under pinning of the services we offer for any collector.  We provide high quality advice and insights into the world of art investment.  Our expert knowledge of the art market and deep industry relationships with artists, galleries, auction houses and other collectors enhances our ability to provide expert input and guidance for your art collecting and art investment journey.

We are passionate and dedicated to acquiring the highest-quality investment art for our clients.  In addition, when it comes time to sell a piece of art, we will be there on the journey with you to find the most efficient and effective means to get your art to market through a variety of recognized galleries, art exhibitions and other trusted selling platforms.

Tour Eiffel et statue de la Lliberte Paris

Fine art is a great investment to appreciate while it appreciates in value.

Part of the joy of collecting is enjoying the beauty of the artwork while your investment hangs in your home or office. We are passionate and dedicated to sourcing the highest-quality investment art for our clients.  In addition, when you chose to sell a piece of artwork we are equally able to assist through a variety of efficient and effective means to get your art to market through recognized galleries, art exhibitions and with other trusted selling platforms.

The best approach to art investment?

Consider the aesthetic pleasure first when collecting art – “buy what you love” – and the financial benefits second.

Welcome any profits that accrue, but don’t plan your financial future around receiving those profits. Don’t invest money that you could not afford to lose, which is why many financial advisors suggest a range of allocating no more than 5-20% of your net worth to be invested in art. Most of your retirement and living expenses need to be invested wisely in a sound diversified portfolio outside of the art market. Use fine art investments to contribute to your overall portfolio while providing immediate enjoyment during the time you are invested. Bottom line: buy art that you love, enjoy it and over time it may prove to be financially beneficial.